Breeding genuine Lhasa Apsos

This site is dedicated to the Val de Kyichu (Switzerland) and Kyichu-Kyi (France) breeds.

The Val de Kyichu breed was working for years to improve the Lhasa Apso breed. His work was crowned by two generations of champions,  MinPo and his two sons, Yuvan and Lun-Penpa du Val de Kyichu. In order to further progress, the Val de Kyichu wanted to introduce new dogs imported from Tibet by J. De Zarobe and H. Masset. This long selection process was severely  impaired by the regulations of Swiss’ single club affiliated to the FCI. The Val de Kyichu had to stop its activities in Switzerland. The breeding dogs were moved to  French and German breeders who are continuing the goals set by the Val de Kyichu breeder.

We are pleased to present in this site the French breed Kyichu-Kyi, who has taken over the best subjects of the Val de Kyichu.

chiens lhassa apso - lhasa apso dogs
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14 weeks later in lockdown period





Rashmi La


Rupa La


The new 2020 litter

Nitya Nyima gave January 18th 2020 birth to 6 babies: 4 females und 2 males.

Mother and babies are all doing well! See you soon for more pictures.

The 2017 litter

The 2017 litter: 2 boys  and 2 girls born March 30, 2017.
Mother is Kyichu Kyi Hevajra (OBH) and father is Lun Penpa du Val de Kyichu (Int. Ch., Montenegro Ch., PL Free, HD-A,  PRA/LL free, DNA tested, cotation 4/6 – recommended).

Lhasa-apso boy 2Lhasa-apso boy 1Lhasa-apso girl 2Lhasa-apso girl 1

Rani’s puppies aged 4,5 weeks

Congratulations to Lun-Penpa du Val de Kyichu

Our sire Lun-Penpa du Val de Kyichu received the title of  “International Champion of Beauty” from the  FCI thanks to the certificates obtained at the following dog shows: Podgorica (2011 – thanks to Liz!), Strasbourg (2013), Ludwigshafen (2014) and Offenburg (2015).  Lun-Penpa is the son of Min-Po du Val de Kyichu, himself International Champion, and Vajrapasha Aditi. Our congratulations to Lun.