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14 weeks later in lockdown period





Rashmi La


Rupa La


The new 2020 litter

Nitya Nyima gave January 18th 2020 birth to 6 babies: 4 females und 2 males.

Mother and babies are all doing well! See you soon for more pictures.

The 2017 litter

The 2017 litter: 2 boys  and 2 girls born March 30, 2017.
Mother is Kyichu Kyi Hevajra (OBH) and father is Lun Penpa du Val de Kyichu (Int. Ch., Montenegro Ch., PL Free, HD-A,  PRA/LL free, DNA tested, cotation 4/6 – recommended).

Lhasa-apso boy 2Lhasa-apso boy 1Lhasa-apso girl 2Lhasa-apso girl 1

Rani’s puppies aged 4,5 weeks

Congratulations to Lun-Penpa du Val de Kyichu

Our sire Lun-Penpa du Val de Kyichu received the title of  “International Champion of Beauty” from the  FCI thanks to the certificates obtained at the following dog shows: Podgorica (2011 – thanks to Liz!), Strasbourg (2013), Ludwigshafen (2014) and Offenburg (2015).  Lun-Penpa is the son of Min-Po du Val de Kyichu, himself International Champion, and Vajrapasha Aditi. Our congratulations to Lun.